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The Electric Truck Of The Future Does Kinetic Energy Storage, Too | By Tina Casey

The city of Amarillo, Texas, is polishing its green cred with new, mobile kinetic energy storage technology from the firm Ecolution Power Company

A Florida-based startup called Ecolution Power Company is on a mission to gild the electric truck lily with kinetic energy storage, and the city of Amarillo, Texas, is one of two US locations in which it is putting the idea to the test. If all goes according to plan, waste energy from trucks, buses, subways, and railways cars could be stored and transported to locations where it’s needed, instead of being lost to the winds.

An Energy Storage Feature In Every Truck, Bus, & Rail Car

Ecolution is new to the CleanTechnica radar, but it was noticed by our friends over at Fast Company last year, who gave the firm an honorable mention in their list of world-changing ideas.

The company has come up with an energy storage twist on the familiar field of regenerative braking. For those of you new to the topic, regenerative braking refers to systems that capture the kinetic energy that occurs when brakes are applied to a moving vehicle. Instead of allowing the energy to dissipate, regenerative systems transfer that energy into an electrical current.

Electric vehicles are a perfect match for regenerative systems, since all that captured electricity can go back into the EV battery…