A Sustainable Competitive Advantage

To evolve is human. Vehicle-to-grid technology creates more sustainable communities.

Today, the transportation sector is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States and medium- and heavy-duty vehicles account for a disproportionate share of the emissions. This fleet also represents an enormous untapped source of clean energy.

Our trailer prototype evaluation phase will be complete and road-ready in 2023. This allows us to better predict the efficiency of the MARS technology and its potential for generating energy, expanding driving ranges and expanding efficiencies.

Total U.S. Greenhouse Emissions by Economic Sector in 2020

* Source United States Environmental Protection Agency

  • Agriculture

  • Transportation

  • Electric Power

  • Industry

  • Commercial and Residential

Module Active Response System (MARS)

Ecolution developed the Module Active Response System (MARS). The technology is a combination of our global patents, both issued and pending, and customized components to create the MARS Trailer. The MARS Trailer attaches to a heavy-duty vehicle generating and storing energy as the vehicle moves – energy which can be used for a variety of uses. Simply put, the MARS Trailer is a mobile kinetic power plant, supplying on-demand energy that is sustainable, environmentally friendly, affordable and reliable.

The MARS Trailer can provide energy to anything that plugs into it. Any truck of any type (including diesel and hydrogen) can partner with the MARS Trailer and be engineered to become a traveling source of power. For example, a hydrogen truck hauling a MARS Trailer can generate energy which can be used to power its refrigeration unit or any electrical component — mobile or stationary. The energy is most efficiently generated during deceleration.

Creating Carbon Credits

Carbon Credit:a tradable credit granted to a country, company, etc., for reducing emissions of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases by one metric ton below a specified quota (Mirriam Webster)

Approximately 40 countries have implemented a Cap and Trade system for businesses and cities. These entities are limited to the amount of CO2 emissions they can release over a certain period of time.

Entities can go above their carbon credit allowance or have some left over. When a business and/or city has leftover credits they can roll them over towards the next year or sell them off to companies that are in need of additional credits.

Our technology could create a surplus of clean energy for those that adopt the technology. The potential benefits of the carbon credits created by Ecolution can give entities the power to create reliable energy for themselves and collect a surplus of credits. Eventually, those who harness generate a surplus of credits will reap many benefits due to the fact they have more leeway in Co2 emissions or it creates a new stream of revenue by selling them.

Take Back Your (Clean) Power

Ecolution Power Company’s technology transforms heavy-duty vehicles and rail cars into a just-in-time rolling electric grid that dramatically reduces carbon emissions, empowering users to generate, store and distribute energy.

Patented Technology

Our patent ensures that we can deliver a commercially-viable product for our global customer base. The key MARS patented innovation is the use of alternators connected to disc brakes in the trailer, sending power though a converter to a battery storage unit for on-demand energy, all within the reefer trailer. The company now has four patents pending in Germany, Japan, China, and South Korea. The invention, under research and development for five years, now goes into a prototype in the US, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. We believe our intellectual property provides us with a material sustainable competitive advantage for the next 20 years.