"TJ" James Theordore

“TJ” James Theodore, P.E.

TJ is a mechanical engineer and project manager for KTM Solutions Inc. He has also been serving as the lead mechanical designer for Ecolution’s MARS system development. TJ has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Clemson University and is a Professionally Licensed Engineer, registered in S.C. He began his engineering career in high school and worked with KTM through college, going full time in 2013. His design experience is across a broad spectrum of industries including automotive, jigs and tooling fixtures, automation, and structural analysis. His passion for the mechanical field was founded in a love for sports cars as he participated in many years of amateur automotive racing through autocross, time trials, and hillclimb events. TJ currently enjoys being a dad to his 4 year old son, volunteering with technical production at church, working on cars, and doing some occasional kart-racing.

“It has become a great pleasure of my career to support those who have genuinely innovative ideas by providing solid engineering principles and well designed mechanical systems which help them achieve their goals.”