Johnny Then-Gautier

Johnny Then-Gautier

Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Johnny Then-Gautier is the CTO of Ecolution KWH. He created the vision and subsequently invented the MARS technology platform.

Mr. Then-Gautier developed his technical and systems skills while earning his degree in International Relations from Universidad del Caribe.

Beginning in 2014 Johnny worked tirelessly to optimize and build the net zero emissions power creation technology he had previously invented. He then began preparing for global patent applications and proof of concept. These efforts have resulted in dramatic success as Ecolution KWH receives its first US patent on June 2, 2020.

From 2009 – 2014 Johnny was VP of Business Development at Avelock Dominicana. Avelock is a communications and technology corporation in the Dominican Republic. During his tenure at Avelock he successfully conceived and closed a communication contract with Barrick Gold. He also landed one of the largest government contracts for the National 911 project.

Through high school Johnny worked as a general equipment sales representative where he was exposed to mechanics, engineering and heavy equipment management. He became a voracious technical reader. At that early age he began preparing for the creation of what may spark the next industrial revolution, a step-change in the practical and profitable adoption of sustainable energy.