Angel Lockward

Angel Lockward


From an early age Angel started working in the banking industry. He spent 8 years at the Banco Popular of the Dominican Republic. He then went on to study in Madrid, where he also worked at the Dominican Embassy where he was in charge of business development. Later he went up the ranks to Minister Counselor. He stayed at the service of the chancellorship for two years serving not only in Europe but also in Tegucigalpa.

Upon his return to Dominican Republic, Angel dedicated himself to work in trading in the Lumber Business and other commodities. During his tenure, he also worked and was at the service of the foreign ministry. Angel worked in Spain, Brasil, Mexico, Perú, Canada, Tunisia, Guatemala and Fiji and other destinations.

Today he works as manager in a company that has several gas stations. He has implemented Arcadia, a system that automatizes the operation. He also implemented and integrated the system with SAP ONE in other to give more insight to management.

Angel Holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Instituto Tecnológico de Santo Domingo (2006), also a master’s degree in marketing and Negotiation from Universidad Camilo José Cela in Madrid (2008), among other studies in order to stay current.

Currently he sits on the Board of Fundación de Estudias Económicos y Politicos. He has held the seat for the last 10 years. Also, Angel is a board member at Angel Lockward & Asoc; a Lawyer office where he has served for the last two years, and also serving as Financial Manager.

The ability to engage and motivate others and work discipline are some of the values that Angel holds. He also has a sense of responsibility and resourcefulness to find creative solutions to solve problems.