Ecolution Power Company Completes Successful Kinetic Energy Prototype with a Wabash Trailer and Module Active Response System (MARS) Mobile Power Generation

The prototype comes amidst the company’s announcement of its StartEngine campaign

NAPLES, Fla., July 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Ecolution Power Company, a pioneer in cutting-edge sustainable energy solutions, is thrilled to announce the opening of its StartEngine campaign as well as the findings from the first phase of the Wabash National trailer prototype integrated with the Module Active Response System (MARS) mobile power generation. The results for the generation of electricity surpassed expectations, highlighting a groundbreaking advancement in harnessing and utilizing wasted kinetic energy from moving trailers.

The Ecolution MARS system, which is activated when the trailer is in motion, generates electricity by harvesting energy consumed by the truck pulling the trailer. The prototype results indicate that in both deceleration and steady-state movement on the highway the system does not materially affect fuel consumption of the truck itself. This result presents a breakthrough in efficiency and environmental impact for the logistics industry.

Ecolution Power Company Completes Successful Kinetic Energy Prototype – Module Active Response System (MARS)

Ecolution’s Executive Chairman, Craig Bouchard, shared his knowledge of the industry, stating that, “Transportation accounts for 29% of the United States greenhouse gas emissions. Our technology aims to alleviate this national, and frankly global, issue of excess diesel fuel consumption.”

During extensive testing, it was observed that when the MARS system was turned on while the truck was in motion, compared with the system turned off, the differences in fuel consumption ranged from an impressive 0.0 to a mere 0.9 gallons of diesel fuel consumed during several 70-mile highway runs. These findings indicate immense potential in optimizing energy utilization while minimizing the adverse effects on the environment from diesel fuel consumption.

Johanne Medina, Chief Executive Officer of The Ecolution Power Company, stated, “The Ecolution MARS system’s development signifies a major stride forward in energy efficiency and environmental stewardship. Ecolution aims to revolutionize the way kinetic energy is captured and utilized within the transportation industry, creating a positive impact on both operational costs and carbon emissions.”

Johnny Then-Gautier, Ecolution’s Chief Technology Officer stated, “We are actively engaged in ongoing research and development to further enhance and optimize the capabilities of the MARS system. Our team eagerly anticipates sharing future updates as we progress in our mission to revolutionize mobile power generation and drive greater energy efficiency.”

As the company gears up to produce and push its product worldwide, it has also begun its pre-Series-A crowdfunding campaign. Ecolution’s newest investment opportunity is being hosted by StartEngine and investments may be made to the company directly by visiting the StartEngine website. Potential investors can also learn more about Ecolution at

About Ecolution Power Company:

Ecolution Power Company is a leading provider of sustainable energy solutions, dedicated to driving the transition to clean and efficient power generation. With a focus on innovation and environmental stewardship, Ecolution develops cutting-edge technologies that optimize energy usage while reducing the carbon footprint. Through its commitment to sustainability, Ecolution aims to create a brighter and more sustainable future for generations to come. Ecolution is partnering with and supported by top industry innovators including Wabash, Meritor (Supporter), NVIDIA (Partner), WATCO (Supporter), Miller Electric, and the Wharton School.

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